Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

CfP: Special Issue on Family Ethics, Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics

Nr 1/2017: Special Issue on Family Ethics
Guest editors: Steinar Bøyum and Espen Gamlund
Deadline for submission: November 7, 2016

The family is a central institution in most societies, including liberal democratic ones. Most importantly, it is the home of intimate relationships between parents and children. There are two main normative dimensions to this relationship. First, there is the moral relation between parents and their children, which is governed by certain duties and rights, such as the rights of children to receive care, and the corresponding duties of parents to provide care for their children. Parents are also considered to have certain rights with respect to their children, such as the right to decide what kind of education their children should receive. But what is the proper scope of these parental rights? How do we balance these rights against the interests and rights of the children?

Second, the relation between parents and children must also be seen in a wider social context. Which rights and duties do parents have with respect to their children when their decisions affect other people and society at large? What is the scope of parental partiality? How should parental rights be balanced against social justice? Should, for instance, parents be allowed to establish private schools or home-school their children, even when this contributes to social inequality?

In this special issue, we welcome papers that address normative questions concerning the relationship between parents and children in the context of the family. The papers can explore theoretical questions about the duties and rights of parenthood, or the interests and rights of children, or they can explore more applied questions about the family in the context of education, health, or social justice.

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